We are locally attuned and responsive as well as tightly and deeply connected to the worldwide community of biomimicry practioners, advocates and fans.

Thinking globally. Acting locally.

The Biomimicry Global Network is comprised of regional networks that have partnered with the Biomimicry Institute to catalyze the application of biomimicry worldwide. Harnessing local resources and expertise, the Network attracts and connects community leaders from all sectors to advance the application of biomimicry within their region. The Institute is nourishing, learning from, and connecting the emerging networks as they build the global web of biomimicry leaders, practitioners, champions, and informed citizens who will transform the world by emulating nature.

Visit Biomimicry.org/Global-Networks for more and to check out the map of Biomimicry LA’s sibling networks comprised of more than 12,000 colleagues in 36 regional networks in 21 countries.

Note: Our founder, Colin Mangham, was instrumental in the development of the core program and strategy while serving as Chief Marketing Officer for the Biomimicry Institute and, concurrently, the Biomimicry 3.8 consultancy. He brings this experience and insights to Biomimicry LA to help accelerate and enhance our group’s development and impact.