A Little Bit About Us

WE ARE a close-knit leadership team and extended network of practitioners and enthusiasts with a commitment to serve our partners and planet with a focus on SoCal and our Los Angeles area community.

OUR PURPOSE is to convene passionate and committed thought leaders in business, architecture, design, engineering, biology, conservation science, academia and government around the promise of bioinspired innovation, especially in the context of social enterprises that can bring solutions to scale.

OUR APPROACH is to learn from and work with nature as the ultimate Mentor. To abstract and emulate its Models for Innovation. To translate and adopt its Measures for Success. Our purpose is to convene passionate and committed thought leaders, including professionals, academics, and other innovators around the promise of biomimicry and bioinspired innovation.

Local Network & Global Network

We are affiliated with the Biomimicry Institute and its regional networks around the world, collaborating through the sharing of best practices and resources to accelerate and ensure the quality of our network’s development. In fact, our Founder, Colin Mangham, was one of the authors of the Institute’s original strategic plan for growing the Biomimicry Global Network and brings that vision to Biomimicry LA.

With a multi-disciplinary group of scientists, engineers, architects, designers, business leaders, researchers, and students, we’re exploring the world around us through a biomimicry lens, becoming more attune to our local environment, and endeavoring to consciously emulate nature’s genius in the areas of form, process, and system development and innovation at scales ranging from the nanometer to the ecosystem.

Our members comprise a diverse and regionally attuned network of professionals and students championing and fostering innovation inspired by nature. Members include:

• Individuals: Educators, business leaders, biologists, engineers, designers, others
• Organizations: Universities, businesses, governments, non-profits
• Inter-Organizational Core Groups
: Regional networks, educator network, public-private collaborations, corporate alliances, others